Degreasing Results Exceed Expectations With Ceramically Enhanced Ultrasonics


Ceramically enhanced ultrasonic frequencies are having an even bigger impact on solvent cleaning than in aqueous cleaning, where they now dominate most of the high tech applications. The thinner viscosity of solvents permits cleaning action more spectacular than either the solvent manufacturers or Crest - the owner of the ceramics patent - could have anticipated.


Crest Patented CERAMICALLY ENHANCED transducers achieve up to 100% efficiency in critical high frequency aqueous applications (based on tests performed at Clarkson University).




This state of the art twin sump vapor degreaser Incorporates the sophisticated Proline3 Vapor Management Control Process.


Technical features include:

- Extraordinary performance of

   high-frequency ultrasonics

- All stainless steel construction

- Four-sided condensing coils

- Electronic vapor control

- Compatible with over 15 different



Applications include:

Electronics, PC board cleaning, pharmaceutical and general precision applications