Dynamic 3000


Dynamic Series


초음파 용착기는 두가지의 분리된 플라스틱 계역의 물질에 초음파를 인가하여 접착면에서 발생하는 마찰열로 표면을 용해하여 부착하는 원리로 구성되어지며 RINCO사에서는 20kHz, 35kHz, 70kHz의 초음파 용착기를 제작 판매하고 있습니다.

아울러 Dynamin Series는 제어부가 최첨단 방식으로 구성되어 Time mode, Travel mode, Energy mode를 동시에 복합적으로 제어할 뿐만 아니라 임의의 프로파일로 용착이 가능합니다.

심지어 공기압 역시 내부 PLC가 프로그램에 의해 자동조절이 되는 유일무이한 장비이며, 용착부품의 불량률 제로에 가능하도록 설비가 구성되어 있으며, LAN 등의 네트워크를 통해 원격제어 및 정보교환이 가능합니다.



              Technical specification Dynamic 3000 ultrasonic welding machine




Operating frequenzy:




Operating modes:

time mode
travel mode
energy mode
contact cut-off




for generators: 2000 / 3000 Watt



Stroke dynamics:

operate and approach speeds freely programmable
braking point freely programmable
force profile freely programmable
electronic amplitude adjustment
welding force control




piezzoelectric force measurement



Mechanism type:

pneumatically operated, cylinder Ø 80mm



Drive energy:

compressed air: 7 bar. Max. consumtion at 6 bar ca. 8 Lt./stroke
electricity: 200 - 230 V (for generator)



Maximum force:

3000 N at 6 bar compressed air



Maximum stroke:

100 mm



Parallel alignment:

Horn to fixture - adjustable tooling plate



Tool taper:



clamped at booster by swivel door

by way of T grooves and special clips,
clamping edge 6 or 10 mm



Path measuring:

analysis of linear encoder, accuracy +/- 0.01 mm



Height adjustment:

10 - 290 mm, by way of height adjusting gear



Working clearance:

220 mm from center of horn to column




ca. 115 kg without generator




in accordance with relevant CE standards




Technical specification Generator ACU





with real time operating system




CAN bus / Ethernet / RS 485 / RS 232
parallel "Centronic" for printer




LCD graphic display 5.7" 1/4 VGA monochrome 320 x 240 pixel




key bank 120 x 160 mm, with function and cursor keys



Menu prompt:

may be selected from approx.12 languages



Operating modes:

time mode:  

path mode: 

energy mode: 

force profiling with time

force profiling from welding path

welding energy as stop condition
electronic amplitude adjustment
contact cut-off




parameter databank:

process databank: 

databank capacity for 50 welding data sets

the last 25 welds remain stored




2000 / 3000 Watt




W x H x D / 205 x 345 x 259 mm




ca. 16 kg




in accordance with the EMC directives and CE requirements